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SecureGrip Synthetic Underlayment

An Exceptional Synthetic Underlayment Designed to Replace Asphalt Saturated Felts

Highly Engineered

Providing an affordable secondary water-shedding barrier for your shingle roof system.

Inorganic Construction

100% synthetic construction offers long term moisture protection - doesn’t absorb water and is inert to mold growth.

Improves Project Outcome

Rolls out flat, will not wrinkle causing customer callbacks.

Easier Installation

33% more coverage per pass across the roof (vs 36” wide rolls).

Superior Performance

Designed to perform under extreme weather conditions.

•  Durable

Synthetic construction resists tearing during roof installation - UV stabilized to resist UV degradation up to 3 months.


We've upgraded our SecureGrip™ products by including an even better U.V. resistance package and additional non-slip technologies to the full line of CMI synthetic underlayments improving on an already well accepted  product offering that will continue to differentiate CMI products in a very crowded marketplace. Our new enhanced SecureGrip™ 15 will now be called “SecureGrip™” with a new and improved 25 year limited warranty. Our new SecureGrip™ PRO, 15 pound felt replacement, comes with its own industry leading 15 year limited warranty. SecureGrip™ MAX continues to be a leader in performance on tough projects and comes with a 50 year limited warranty.


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